Project Design and Strategies

From the beginning, secondary mathematics and English language arts teachers were brought together to focus on English learners in their classrooms, addressing both content and language needs. Specific instructional strategies were provided to support the deepening of student content knowledge and language development.

We looked at standards that English learners were having difficulty with, examining both content and language difficulty. Then we came up with solutions that either addressed the content or the language issues.

Our goals were to:
  1. Identify focused standards that were problematic for English learners
  2. Look in standard-based, state adopted materials, and find where those standards were taught
  3. Provide instructional strategies to build both the academic language and content knowledge pertaining to those standards
  4. Offer examples of testing targeted standards in classroom, district, state assessments

These classroom examples focus on the development of academic language. Cathy Tennis and Johnny Rivera of Southeast Middle School applied techniques from the Access To The Core trainings to their classrooms.